Decentralised Software Development and the Many Methods of Agile

Getting your Agile on

Why Agile Coaches Can Feel So Strange

You know how all those external Agile coaches seem a little peculiar? There’s an important reason for that.

How Adnuntius Does Agile

I work for a company called Adnuntius. We’re going pretty damn well. We don’t specifically follow any Scrum or Kanban or whatever else Agile methodology you can think of.

Adnuntius: An Outline

Software development is directed out of Melbourne, Australia. I’m one of five senior software engineers in Melbourne who develop our products and who largely handle how we and everyone else across the organisation gets development done.

Adnuntius: How We Develop Software

We do a lot of the technical stuff you come to expect from a SaaS-based development team: distributed version control; continuous integration; oodles of automated unit, integration and system tests; code reviews; frequent deployments. None of us like or do pair programming nor strict test-driven development, but that hardly seems revolutionary anymore.



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